Modest Proposal Anthology: Interviews with Top Comedians Right Before Comedy Went Viral & Other Stuff

In 2003, I took all of my money from working two seasons as a wildland firefighter and started the independent comedy magazine, Modest Proposal. We published issues for three years before getting distracted by dreams of (local) fame and fortune (aka not being totally broke).

In 2020, I collected the best interviews and humor writing from all of the Modest Proposal issues and published an anthology. The book includes conversations with Dave Chappelle, David Cross, Maria Bamford, Amy Sedaris, Dave Attell, Bob Odenkirk, Chelsea Peretti, Jim Gaffigan and many more. You get to read about their perspective on comedy in the mid-00s and their updated perspective today.

“Like a comedic time capsule buried in an era before the emergence of YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, podcasts, and Netflix Comedy Specials, Modest Proposal Anthology captures stand up comedy the way it was…before a well-timed tweet could take a joke viral.”